Why Use Safer Skincare?

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering why a nutritional therapy practitioner is carrying Beautycounter in their business.

Good question.

Because the man may be the head of the household but the woman is the neck. And she controls which way the head will go. Okay. Okay. Aside from the cheesy My Big Fat Greek Wedding quote, there is some truth to that. A whole lot of truth, to be honest.

As the Chief Buyer of All Things and Spender of All the Money (a title I work hard to live up to), it’s my job to figure out what is safe for my family and what is potentially toxic. And to bring those items into my home for my loved ones to use. As someone that cares deeply about my clients’ well-being, it’s also my job to figure out and help source products that will not introduce more toxins to their bodies.

All of us, myself included, have a false sense of security when it comes to our skincare. Surely, companies wouldn’t use ingredients that are harmful to our health?

If only the answer were as innocent as the question.

Truth is, the skincare and cosmetics industry has absolutely NO oversight in the United States. What does that mean? It means that companies in the United States can use whatever toxic ingredients they want to use – ingredients that cause cancer and disrupt hormones… and they don’t have to disclose a single thing to the consumers.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner who helps women balance hormones and who has suffered from hormone dysregulation for most of my post-menarche life, this terrifies me.

So… what are the facts?

It’s 2017 now. That was 79 years ago. Before WW2. A lot has changed since then. In fact, there are now 80,000+ chemicals on the market that weren’t even invented yet in 1938! 


Meanwhile, the EU has spent the past 20 years creating regulations around chemicals that have actually been proven dangerous and unsafe and toxic for humans.


There are cosmetic companies here in the United States that make separate formulations to comply with European regulations… but still sell unsafe formulations here in the US where there is very little oversight. This includes brands sold at fancy and expensive department stores. (Words that are not appropriate for a professional setting flew out of my mouth when I first realized this.)


Welcome to Beautycounter!

I found Beautycounter through a colleague of mine. She was gushing about her mascara and quite frankly… I hated mine. I ordered some and that was it! I was sold. I was impressed with the ingredients, how it performed (good-bye raccoon eyes), and how great my blonde lashes looked.

I have partnered with Beautycounter but have no upline or downstream teammates. It’s just me ordering directly from the company. Providing you and your family with safer cosmetics and skincare.

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies (and you all know how much I love to put good, nutritious foods in my body).

Further, Beautycounter is a Schedule B corporation, like Toms shoes, for example, which means it’s a brand with a purpose and a vision for change.  How many companies do you know that are actively lobbying for more regulation in their own industry? (Not that I’m a fan of more government oversight… but so much damage has been done that it’s time something changed. Something’s gotta give.)

And because they’re big on transparency, they’ve compiled The Never ListYou will NEVER see these ingredients in any of their cosmetics or skincare or hair care. By doing this, they’re not only setting themselves apart and holding themselves to a higher standard, they’re challenging their industry to give us something that isn’t slowly killing us.


Beautycounter cosmetics perform as well as, if not better than, the most expensive department store brands.  With a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy to back it up.

So, enough of the long chit chat. Let’s talk my favorites.

Charcoal Cleansing Bar

The Charcoal Cleansing Bar detoxifies and cleans your skin by pulling out excess oil, dirt, and impurities with the power of charcoal… without drying out your skin. I really want to know where this has been my whole life… especially during my cystic acne days.

BUY Charcoal Bar


No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask

The No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask purifies and balances, absorbing excess oil and drawing out impurities. The activated charcoal minimizes the appearances of pores – meaning skin has a more even complexion, and the salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation.

BUY No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask



No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil

This facial oil is simply my favorite. It’s packed with Vitamin C and helps fade sun spots (yes – you read that right) and is a wonderful moisturizer… without all the grease of other moisturizers.

BUY No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil


Flawless in Five

While those are my favorite skin care products, I have to mention my favorite makeup kit. Seriously. It’s just too easy. 5 minutes. And I’m done. That’s it. For this busy women-owned small business owner, that’s fine by me! (Busy mama’s – this kit is your god-send. Literally.) And, ladies. The price is right. I’m such a bargainista, it has to be the right price or I won’t budge.

BUY Flawless In Five

The 6-piece kit includes:

  • Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation
  • Touchup Skin Concealer Pen
  • Color Define Brow Pencil
  • Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara
  • Powder Blush Duo
  • Lip Gloss


Men, kids, babies – we have your whole family covered, too!

Along with a really nice haircare line, you can find safer products for everyone in your family (or on your gift list).


So… what now?


Luckily, we’re able to vote with your dolllar ever time we make purchases for our family that are for greater health.

You can swap out your current makeup and personal care products for safer ones and you’ll be supporting big changes within the beauty industry!

I would love to introduce you to the best products for your skin. Email me at info@brightdawnnutrition.com with any questions.


For just $29 bucks, you can sign up as a Band of Beauty member and get some great perks:

  • Complimentary gift with membership (these change often and are super valuable!)
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • 15% Product Credit for future orders
  • Access to special offers and promotions just for members
  • Additional Free gift from me with membership

As you probably already know, I am super passionate about removing toxins, barriers from getting pregnant naturally, and chronic stressors from my life… and inspiring other ladies to heal and do the same.

Sometimes those chronic stressors and toxins take the form of food, which most of my content talks about quite a bit, other times they are in the form of cleaning products, skin care, air fresheners, and makeup. (Again, I have choice words that lack professionalism for this.)

To get a snapshot of the toxicity in your current products, download the Healthy Living App by EWG and start scanning or searching your current products. The 1-10 rating will tell you everything you need to know.

There is never just one cause for messed up hormones, poor digestion, weight gain, etc. All aspects of our health need to be supported. When this happens body has a wonderfully beautiful capacity for great healing and renewed strength and balanced hormones.