Bulletproof Coffee

So. I have a confession to make. I like butter. Grass-fed Irish butter. It’s my favorite.

Okay, so that’s not much of a confession. However, I like butter….

… in my coffee.

Now, while I’m sure some of you are now gagging, and really, I gagged the first time someone introduced me to it. (Thanks, Mom.) I thought she was crazy and my exact words were probably, “Mom. You’re putting straight-up FAT in your coffee, not cream… but F-A-T.” If I didn’t say that, I definitely thought it. So… I tried it. And I’m hooked. However, I make mine a bit different. She just lets a glob of butter melt on top, I blend it. And she uses salted. I love you, Mom. But, ew ew ew. Sweet-cream unsalted for this chica.

So. Butter. Why do I use it? It’s pretty magical and I’m convinced that it was delivered to us by the gods. Or something like that. In reality, grass-fed butter is super super healthy for you. Here’s a short list.

Grass-fed/pasture-raised organic butter…

  • is an anti-microbial.
  • aids in activating the immune system in the gut.
  • actually helps you absorb the nutritional qualities of coffee.
  • aids in weight loss/management. True story.
  • contains short and medium chain fatty acids, which are ready-to-use and don’t have to be converted in the gut to other chain lengths. Thus, it provides quick-burning and sustaining energy.
  • is high in saturated fat. And that’s good for you. (Your brain is 60% saturated fat… it’s kind of important that it’s in your diet. And the whole saturated fat/disease thing is a lie. All massive, big fat, liar-liar pants on fire lies.)
  • is an anti-inflammatory.
  • has tons of Vitamin K2 (only found in grass-fed animal products) – which aids in DE-CLOGGING your arteries. (You might want to be sitting from this point on, your world is about to be rocked again.)
  • and, finally, it’s high in CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It’s a naturally occurring trans-fatty acid. And no, contrary to what we’ve been told, not all trans-fats are horrible. This one is actually necessary, and isn’t made by some crazy lab scientists working with rancid seeds and toxic chemicals. This one just occurs. Naturally. And we need it for tumor suppression, heart health, and reduced belly fat/weight loss… which it could be argued then, that having grass-fed coffee in butter might counter-act the weight-gaining properties of coffee. Umm – if this is true, sign me up.

So, here’s what I do for my coffee in the am:

  1. I brew my cup of French press – you can use whatever method you like. I’m partial to my press. But, do make sure you’re buying good coffee. As in fair trade, organic. Chances are there are less toxins in the coffee. Living in Portlandia, I’m partial to Stumptown. It’s good. Real good.
  2. You can start with 2 tbsp organic grass-fed/pasture-raised non-salted butter (I use Kerrygold – it’s cheap at Trader Joe’s or they sell it in bulk at Costco) per cup of coffee until you are able to wean yourself down to 1 tbsp (the optimal amount). But, back to the instructions: Place 2 tbsp in a tall measuring cup and pour your cup of coffee in, making sure you have plenty of room on the side to blend… or get a mop ready. I warned you.
  3. With an immersion blender, blend until the butter has emulsified and is completely blended. If you want a little bit of sweetness, the slightest amount of raw and local honey can be added to the blender. But the goal is to get your energy from the fat, not the sweets. Pour into your mug of choice and enjoy.
  4. This should be your view right before you take a sip:


If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong. Enjoy!