I normally don’t fall. But when I do, I do so with gusto.

So yea. About a week ago, I was walking down my stairs and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I stopped to look and it was a spider. As I was too lazy to go get a tissue to kill it, the thought, “You’ll live to kill another bug, spider” crossed my mind.

Unfortunately, in a feat only found in LooneyToons, I turned my upper body to go back down the stairs, keeping my lower body in the same position and down I went, as if I had stepped on a banana peel. Down 7 steps to the very bottom. I had the foresight to wrench my neck forward to protect the coveted “lizard brain” from sheer and utter destruction but in doing so, managed to sprain my neck. (And throw out my pelvis and screw up my thoracis muscles, but who’s counting?) My dad always told me to not half-ass things. I guess falling would be one of them.

Anyway, I’m out of commission for the next few weeks as far as cooking goes and my mama is being oh so nice as to supply me with bone broth reserves. I’ll be posting some more of my “health information” tagged posts and working on correctly tagging posts but any new food recipes, short of the many different ways to sip broth through a straw and 101 ways to cook an egg, are going to be few and far between.

Now to figure out how to legally change my name to “Grace” – because apparently I’m lacking in it. Oh, and next time I kill the spider. From here on out, I take no prisoners.

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