SymptoPro™ Fertility Education is an effective, science-based method of Natural Family Planning (NFP) that views the natural cycle of fertility as a normal, healthy process. It is a Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP, which means it combines the cervical mucus pattern (the “sympto” part) with her daily waking temperature (the “thermal” part) to get an extremely accurate way of tracking her fertility, with a method effectiveness rate of 97-99.9%. This isn’t your grandmother’s calendar method!! The calendar method was based on guesstimates (and this is what many smartphone fertility apps unfortunately still use).

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Every woman is unique and learning YOUR cycle is important. My goal is to help you learn your fertility cycle. I will walk you through a three-session educational course and provide you with feedback that is personalized to you and your chart. Because life is dynamic and so is your fertility, you will receive follow-up for your reproductive life, including assistance through post-partum, long cycles, and pre-menopause, and whatever other life changes might come your way.

SymptoPro is perfect for anyone! Married or single, religious or not.If you are a single woman, I can teach you individually. (I didn’t want to be the single gal in a NFP class, either. I get it.)

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It’s green! There are no added hormones. NFP teaches the couple to work with their natural fertility.

Course instruction includes three sessions with unlimited lifetime follow-up. Because life changes. And babies may happen. And fertility needs will change. You can always come back to a SymptoPro Instructor for free follow-up and charting assistance.