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SymptoPro™ Fertility Education is an effective, science-based method of Natural Family Planning (NFP) that views the natural cycle of fertility as a normal, healthy process. It is a Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP, which means it combines the cervical mucus pattern (the “sympto” part) with her daily waking temperature (the “thermal” part) to get an extremely accurate way of tracking her fertility, with a method effectiveness rate of 97-99.9%. This isn’t your grandmother’s calendar method!! The calendar method was based on guesstimates (and this is what many smartphone fertility apps unfortunately still use).

Every woman is unique and learning YOUR cycle is important. My goal is to help you learn your fertility cycle. I will walk you through a three-session educational course and provide you with feedback that is personalized to you and your chart. Because life is dynamic and so is your fertility, you will receive follow-up for your reproductive life, including assistance through post-partum, long cycles, and pre-menopause, and whatever other life changes might come your way.


Anyone – married or single, religious or secular! SymptoPro™ is all natural and green. Meaning no added hormones or class 1 carcinogens being pumped into your body or the environment. If you are not religiously affiliated, this method will still resonate and will be taught in a more secularized manner.


girl-918706Nope! Any woman or couple who is interested in monitoring their cycle can benefit from SymptoPro™! You don’t need to be married to learn how to chart! In fact, I had been charting for many years prior to getting married and learned NFP as a means to not only track my cycle, but to monitor my health and address hormonal imbalance.

For couples getting married, I do encourage learning SymptoPro™ at least 6 months before your wedding. The course can be started as little as one month prior. SymptoPro™ courses are once every two weeks for three husband and wifesessions and takes a month to complete. A Certificate of Completion is offered for those who need one for their priest or pastor and all three sessions and charts must be completed in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

For priests and pastors: SymptoPro™ is in full agreement with the teachings of the Catholic Church and Natural Law. As a Certified Bioethicist through the National Catholic Bioethics Center, I have found it to be in agreement with Church bioethical teaching. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding how this course fulfills your church’s requirements for marriage preparation.



In my practice, I often use SymptoPro™ as a means for tracking a woman’s hormonal shifts. Throughout each month, a woman’s temperature naturally fluctuates and her cervical mucus signs change, depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. All of this is controlled by a delicate balance of hormones. When a woman’s hormones are off, even slightly, the imbalance will show up in her charts. By combining my usual methods of assessment with SymptoPro™, we are able to quickly and accurately determine what nutrients are needed to better support fertility. More importantly, you will be able to see these changes on a day-to-day level, empowering you to continue your healing journey!