Nutritional Counseling

How Does It Work?

I provide one-on-one nutritional therapy counseling to clients both in the greater Pacific Northwest and beyond via secure video conferencing or the telephone.

The videoconferencing platform that I use is pretty simple. All you will need is access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone; access to the internet; and a quiet place, free of distraction (or somewhat free of distraction if you have small children).


Who are my services right for?

I work with women and couples who are open to direction and encouragement and who are dedicated to meeting their goals. If you suffer from hormone imbalances, infertility, thyroid conditions, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, blood sugar dysregulation, and inflammation, I can help! I utilize a variety of testing methods to help us sort out the root cause and allow your body the resources to it needs to heal, as well as provide guidance with therapeutic diets such as GAPS.


Book Your Free 30-Minute Discovery Consultation

This is a great time for us to chat on the phone and get to know each other a bit more. It allows you the time to figure out if my services are a good fit for your concerns and needs. We will briefly discuss your health concerns, how my process works, and which of the packages listed below make the most sense, based off of your concerns. (No personalized nutrition advice is given during a free discovery consultation.)

Book my free 30-minute discovery consultation


The Initial Intake Session

This is your first official session with me and is conducted usually by secure video conferencing. By this time, you have filled out a collection of paperwork and questionnaires and have submitted it to me for review. We’ll discuss where you are now at this point in time, take an in-depth look at your health history, and establish concrete goals that you would like to work toward in your future — and how I will help you reach those goals. I will share my findings from reviewing your information and will share some targeted nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle suggestions to get you started. Together we will work out what is reasonable in your life at this time and modify my suggestions so you have a high success with achieving your goals. After our first session is completed, you will receive a copy of your protocol via my online client management system. At the end of this meeting, we will schedule your first Follow-Up Session.


Follow-Up Sessions

After the Initial Intake Session, we’ll introduce the follow-up sessions. Each session we will discuss how you are doing, what is going well, challenges, and how I can continue to support you in your healing journey. I’ll address any new questions that you may have, make further recommendations, and revise your personalized protocol accordingly. You will receive lifestyle suggestions, recipe ideas, food lists, and handouts. We will schedule your next follow-up at the end of each session.



I book with clients mostly via packages as I find that it is the most effective method of tracking your success and strategically plan your next steps so as to build off of our prior sessions together. The process you will undergo is a dynamic one that does not yield overnight results. As the popular saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” The same is true for healing with our bodies. Much goes into dysregulation with our body… and much must be done to establish proper health. Depending on your health concerns, I may work with you for just a few months, sometimes I work even longer. After your initial package is complete, I roll that over into a follow-up package, should more sessions be needed. We can also discuss individual sessions if an “every once in a while” approach is all you need. For new clients, I currently offer three nutritional therapy packages, as listed below:

 Getting Your Feet Wet

This package is great if you want to just dip your toes in and get a head start on healing. You will get everything you need to get you on your way with a 90-minute initial consultation, follow-up sessions, and personalized protocol that will be updated after each meeting. Program must be used within 3 months.

  • Initial Intake Session (Up to 90 minutes)
  • 3 30-minute follow-up sessions, to be used within three months of our first session together
  • Personalized protocol and any updates to the protocol
  • Supportive handouts

Your Investment: $397


In-Depth Approach

This package is for those who want to dive in a bit deeper but do not want to commit to a full year. We will have sufficient time to track your progress and make adjustments as we go. More time together means more time for us to dig deeper and take a more in-depth approach to your healing. Program must be used within 6 months.

  • 2-hour Initial Interview Session
  • 6 1-hour follow-up sessions, to be used within 6 months of our first session together
  • A personalized protocol, updated as necessary
  • Handouts and other materials for additional support
  • 10% discount on supplements purchased through my dispensary

Your Investment: $1,147.00
(Payment Plans Available)


 The Works

With this package, you want to dive in feet first! This package pulls out all the stops and holds nothing back. Over the course of a year, we will track your progress and make adjustments as necessary. We will conduct the necessary labs, as needed with your presentation, and I will conduct a complimentary case review with one of my colleagues. This will help bring a fresh perspective to your case.

  • 2-hour Initial Interview Session
  • 12 60-minute follow-up sessions,to be used within 12 months of our first session together
  • A personalized protocol, updated as necessary
  • Handouts and other materials for additional support
  • Unlimited email and text support between sessions (response during office hours only, non-office hours subject to a case-by-case basis)
  • Complimentary case review
  • 6-month subscription to Real Plans
  • 20% discount on supplements purchased through my dispensary

Your Investment: $3,397.00
(Payment Plans Available)



Do you have questions about whether nutritional therapy counseling is right for you? Feel free to send me an email.




It is outside of my scope of practice as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to diagnose or treat a disease or to take the place of your doctor. Rather, my role is to be a collaborative and supportive member of your healthcare team and to offer guidance and suggestions within my scope of practice. You can find my full disclaimer here.