Why Use Safer Skincare?

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering why a nutritional therapy practitioner is carrying Beautycounter in their business.

Good question.

Because the man may be the head of the household but the woman is the neck. And she controls which way the head will go. Okay. Okay. Aside from the cheesy My Big Fat Greek Wedding quote, there is some truth to that. A whole lot of truth, to be honest.

As the Chief Buyer of All Things and Spender of All the Money (a title I work hard to live up to), it’s my job to figure out what is safe for my family and what is potentially toxic. And to bring those items into my home for my loved ones to use. As someone that cares deeply about my clients’ well-being, it’s also my job to figure out and help source products that will not introduce more toxins to their bodies.

All of us, myself included, have a false sense of security when it comes to our skincare. Surely, companies wouldn’t use ingredients that are harmful to our health?

If only the answer were as innocent as the question.

Truth is, the skincare and cosmetics industry has absolutely NO oversight in the United States. What does that mean? It means that companies in the United States can use whatever toxic ingredients they want to use – ingredients that cause cancer and disrupt hormones… and they don’t have to disclose a single thing to the consumers.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner who helps women balance hormones and who has suffered from hormone dysregulation for most of my post-menarche life, this terrifies me.

So… what are the facts?

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Dealing with painful, cystic acne

How many of us (be honest) have had painful, cystic acne at some point in their life? How many of us still suffer from some kind of breakout? Even if it’s infrequently? After years of SO many medications, antibiotics, topical ointments, you name it. I finally have a handle on my acne.

I’m super super pumped to share six things that have helped clear up my acne to maybe a little blemish around my period if I was a bit lackadaisical with the sugar. How did I do it? Through diet, lifestyle, and a few choice beauty care products.

To start things off, here’s a few simple steps you can take if you’reĀ already eating a paleo/whole foods diet yet still suffering from cystic and painful acne or other skin problems.

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