Hi, I’m Lucy!

I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, wife to a wonderful husband, devoted to Jesus through Mary, Theology of the Body junkie, hiker, kayaker, explorer, REI devotee, lover of food, wildflowers, kombucha, antique malls, bluegrass music, and all things Pacific Northwest.


My journey to health and wellness began when life started unraveling and I hit a massive low point. I had recently moved home to Portland, OR, after 4 years in Washington, D.C., and had horrible menstrual cycles, was in the middle of a massive Hashimotos flare-up, diagnosed with pre-Crohn’s, had cystic acne, IBS, and pain and bloating all over my body – I was a WRECK and after literally a lifetime of low-grade illness, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I discovered the paleo diet after stumbling upon the Against All Grain website and several months later, noticed significant reduction in my symptoms. FINALLY! Fast forward a few years, and I was graduating from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). And now, with the assistance of The GAPS Diet, I’m healing. My cycles have normalized, my hair is no longer falling out, and pain? For the first time in my entire life, I live free of back and neck pain. I have MY life back. 

Through my own challenges with infertility and chronic illness, I understand the fears, sadness, and frustration of navigating your journey back to health… and the importance that a whole foods diet has in helping you along the way.

In my own nutrition practice, I help women (and couples) overcome digestive, fertility and hormonal conditions with targeted and individualized nutrition. Together, we work to tangibly see improvements in your health – whether you would like to reduce your symptoms of PMS, normalize your menstrual cycle, kick digestion problems to the curb, or wish to overcome known and unknown causes of infertility.

I want you to avoid the same trial and error I went through. My personal experience, a bachelors in the human sciences, in-depth research, certification in Catholic Moral Bioethics, training in the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning, and nutritional training through the NTA have all quietly led me to the work I do today. I want you to be able to enjoy healing and healthy fertility, and God-willing, children of your own.

My overall goal is for you to be empowered and healthy. To help you meet your goals, I offer 3- and 6-month packages, allowing you and I to work closely together.

To get started, schedule your free 30-minute consultation today. You don’t have to live with hormonal and digestion problems. Make the decision today to take a positive step forward toward true healing, better health, and being the best version of yourself that God calls you to be. Are you ready for that?