About Me

995469_937392551071_1511693625_n I grew up in NW Oregon – in the land of liquid sunshine, endless cloudy days that give way to the clearest blue you’ve ever seen, and fantastic food. I’ve always been in love with the first signs of daybreak and the hope that lies in the new and unknown. As Anne Shirley said, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

Yet is a word that I had dwelled on for many years.

I’ve had hormone-related issues ever since I entered menarche. I felt “off” and, while it was enough for my parents and myself to have cause for concern, doctors always told me that I was fine and my labs always came back in the range of “normal.” Multiple doctors told me that if I was really concerned, I could go on hormonal birth control to treat my symptoms… Otherwise, anything that I was experiencing was not out of the ordinary and was in fact “normal.” This was even after an ultrasound discovered cysts on my ovaries.

Fast forward to being in Washington, DC after college. A girl friend suggested that my symptoms, which included staying home a few days a month due to crippling cramps, could be remedied. She introduced me to Natural Family Planning and I began working with an instructor to learn the method. Between the instructor, my doctor, and my chart, we started figuring out what had been plaguing me for so many years and it was simple… I was progesterone deficient.

But hormone health wasn’t the limit of my complications. My stomach issues had started in college and I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a catch-all when the doctors don’t really know what’s going on with you nor do they want to find out). The diagnosis came after a few ER visits due to a jabbing sensation in my abdomen that didn’t allow me to stand or catch my breath. Doctors put me on medication to balance out my brain chemistry, stating that all of this was a manifestation of my mental state.

Over the years, more symptoms developed and increased in severity. After a health scare with a close family member, I decided to change things up once and for all. Through nutrient-dense and properly-prepared whole food, I have able to reverse the damage I had once done to my body and find healing – for both my hormones and my gastrointestinal tract.

My passion is to help couples overcome their barriers to achieving a healthy, natural baby. Utilizing SymptoPro Fertility Education and blood chemistry to help determine hormone imbalances, we will work together to discover how to listen to the nutritional needs of your body in order to facilitate healing. I use individualized nutrition, focusing on properly-prepared and nutrient-dense food, and whole food supplementation.

The name Bright Dawn was born out of my love for Our Lady (and my love of waking up early to watch the day break). In A Prayer for Life by Saint John Paul II, he refers to Mary as the Bright Dawn. It is my sincere prayer that she intercedes for all of my clients and undoes any knots that are barriers to their natural fertility. Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, St. Brigid, the patron saint of healers, St. Gianna Beretta Molla, and Blessed Herman the Cripple (he suffered from severe MTHFR genetic mutations), are my other patrons. And ultimately, Christ is the Divine Physician and all healing comes from Him.

I am a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through Nutritional Therapy Association and hold a Bachelors of Science in Arts and Letters with an emphasis on the human life sciences from Portland State University. I am also a Certified Bioethicist from the National Catholic Bioethics Center. I have been married since September of 2015 and my husband and I have an openness to life that we hope will bless us with many children.

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me hiking, sewing and knitting, cooking, out in my garden, running, or exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and family.

I am committed to helping other people find the same healing I have enjoyed, using methods that are not contradictory to Catholic Church teaching and ethics. My philosophy is that we were made for health and to enjoy our life to the fullest and enjoy a life of bright dawns.